Andrew’s caddy experience crucial at QSchool

Andrew Burmester might be 19 years old, but he’s got an edge on the field at Sunshine Tour Qualifying School this week: he’s been on the bag for his brother and knows exactly what it takes to succeed.

“Becoming a professional golfer was always my goal, but I didn’t think I would come to QSchool at such a young age. I worked for Dean (Burmester) as a caddie for nine months last year and it showed me what it takes. We played alongside a couple of big names out there and when that happens you see the mentality you need to have. After that I started looking at my game and decided that now was the time,” he said.

Players like Branden Grace and Rory McIlroy have paved the way for young golfers, and their achievements have impacted Burmester’s career decisions. He’s learnt first-hand that young, confident golfers can succeed on tour.

“If you look at (Rory) McIlroy and (Matteo) Manassero, they’re young guys who knew what they wanted from an early age. There are guys who’ve been on the Sunshine Tour for eight years and they’re still in their twenties, and they’ve shown me that you can get into the circuit early on,” he said.

He’ll face tough competition this week as 265 players hit the grass at Bloemfontein and Schoeman Park Golf Clubs, but his time on tour has taught him that it’s about playing the course, not the players. With all of the extra insight he’s gained from working amongst the pros, Burmester is certainly a man to watch.

He gave a wry smile as he mentioned his thoughts on earning a card and playing alongside his brother, and said: “It would mean a lot to me. The Sunshine Tour is a huge stepping stone… and I really want to travel with my brother and the rest of the guys on tour.”

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