Bremners are now a happy threeball

16_TO_BremnerM_previewNEWBig-hitting Merrick Bremner will have his wife Poveshnie, carrying his golf bag in this week’s Tshwane Open at Pretoria Country Club.

“She’s good for me and makes me relax out on the course,” says Bremner who says he went through “quite a few caddies” on tour last year. “I guess the guys found it hard to commit with my category status in Europe being what it was,” he added, explaining that he didn’t get into all the tournaments.

Whether Poveshnie, who has a marketing degree, will become more permanent on her husband’s bag is another story. This is because there is an even littler Bremner back home. This is son Maximus, just 11 weeks old and their first child.

Poveshnie has caddied for Merrick once before, and that was in the Russian Open. “His regular guy at the time couldn’t make it so I stepped in and we made the cut so I can’t be too bad,” says the young woman who from behind the ropes has closely and enthusiastically followed her man, first as girlfriend and now as wife, around the fairways of South Africa and different parts of the world for the past eight years.

“I’ve loved being with him on tour and while everyone gets excited about how far he can hit the ball, I think one of his biggest assets is his putting,” says Poveshnie, after watching Merrick smash a drive just 30 metres short of the green at Pretoria Country Club’s 365-metre par-4 third hole in Tuesday’s Tshwane Open pro-am. From there he hit a little pitch to about three feet from the cup and rolled in the putt for a birdie three. It looks like such an easy game for these pros.

Poveshnie (friends call her ‘Pooh’) plays the game herself. “And she’s not at all bad,” says a proud Bremner who is sponsored by Investec and plays out of the Els Club Copperleaf. “After not picking up a club for almost year during the pregnancy she came out for nine holes the other day and shot, like, 47.”

With Maximus now part of the equation, whether all three Bremners will be travelling together full-time this year remains to be seen.  But whatever the decisjion, Poveshnie is quick to point out that when her husband is around, he’s quite happy to share the nappy-changing duties as he’s a big, strong guy with a soft heart.

“And he’s a great father,” says the woman at his side.


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