Callum eyes up Sunshine Tour card

Callum Mowat teamed up with Gerlou Roux for a fifth-place finish for South Africa in the Tailhade Cup in Argentina in November, but he’s on his own this week during the Sunshine Tour’s Qualifying School at Bloemfontein and Schoeman Park Golf Clubs.


And, as he explained after he won the Southern Cape Open last August, he has been looking at ways of making sure his game is good enough to make the step up to professional ranks he is contemplating should he do well at Qualifying School.


“After we played the test against Scotland I identified two areas of my game what needed attention,” he explained.


“Focus and negativity on the course was one aspect and the other was my short game. So I started working with the sport psychologist, Maretha Claassen, on positive thoughts and with Robbie Stewart over at Ebotse on improving my short game.


“My short game was really good over the four rounds and I was able to stay in the moment, stay focused and positive throughout the tournament. I concentrated on just playing one shot at a time and staying in the present and it seemed to work out well for me,” he added.


He’s got five rounds to get through in Bloemfontein: Players have to play two rounds on each of the Bloemfontein Golf Club and Schoeman Park courses ahead of the cut to 60 players and those tying on that score, and, after a final round at Bloemfontein Golf Club, the top 30 players and ties will get their Sunshine Tour cards.


He started off with a two-under-par 70 at Schoeman Park, and followed that with a level par 72 at Bloemfontein to reach the 36-hole mark in a share of 21st place. That’s solid, but he’s going to need to keep that up, and maybe add one really good round to the mix ahead of the cut to make sure he wins his card.


“The Southern Cape Open was the first time I could feel it all coming together and that is a real step in the right direction. I learned some great lessons from the week,” he said.


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