Charl: Nice to get it going

Charl SCHWARTZEL  144th Open Championship

Picture: Eoin Clarke/golffile

Q. You’re in a nice position. I think the fans were pretty grateful to get golf underway, as I’m sure you were, as well. 

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: They were. You know, I take my hat off to all the fans that came out this morning at 7am. They seem to have just stayed here all day waiting for the golf to start. I think they were as frustrated as we were. But it was nice to finally get it going.

Q. Talk about conditions this morning, what it was like, your experience?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Tough. Very difficult. I suppose the whole of yesterday was. You know, when we walked off Thursday, I thought it’s sort of a one-sided draw, but I think that’s equalled itself out very quickly. The morning wave of the draw has had a really tough 18 holes now. Yeah, it was tough. Yesterday I felt like I played well. I was going, I was feeling comfortable, even in those tough conditions, and I think just all the stopping and starting and playing in the dark last night, that had a bit of an effect, you know, so I lost a bunch of shots coming in on the back nine, which was a little bit disappointing, but birdie on 18 helps a little, you know, luckily. But I’m only four back. Who knows how much, but still a lot of golf left.

Q. Monday finish, that’s pretty rare. Your thoughts on that, that move?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, what’s that, the first time in 27 years someone said? I don’t have a problem with it. I think it’s better than playing 36 holes, bunching it into one day, especially a tournament that’s of this stature. I don’t think it deserves to be just running around in 36 holes. Just carry on as if tomorrow is a Saturday and Monday is a Sunday. It makes no difference.

Q. Tough to have to wait so long to get play underway. Did you manage to take in the rugby match against Australia at least?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: We did, watched the game. Didn’t turn out too well, but I mean, it was just frustrating. If they’d told us at eight in the morning that, guys, it’s going to be at least four hours or five hours then at least you could go away and sit around. But you were the whole time sort of on edge waiting for them to give you a call and say, listen, you’ve got an hour to warm up and go. It made it a long day.

Q. To have to restart after so many possible starts, was that frustrating?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: For sure. This morning when I started out early, I felt pretty good, actually. I felt like I took off, but then when I went back out now, I felt way off. I just felt really, really uncomfortable. Luckily I only had two holes to play.

Q. How difficult was putting even after the restart?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I’m sure it’s going to happen to a lot of guys, but I three-putted 17, and the short putt I missed, as I took the putter back, a gust of wind hit me, and you move out of it and you pull it. It’s very easy to miss little short putts. It’s still tough.


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