Confident Jared matching up

Jared Harvey won a hard-fought battle against Michiel Bothma on Wednesday, which marks yet another upset at the ISPS Handa Match Play Championship.

“Reality hits when you know what you need to win. When you’re in that moment you want to get across the line. It’s never easy- he’s a tough opponent and I’m chuffed with myself, because it’s a huge upset,” he said.

The rookie had his work cut out for him – he had to win 16 and 17 just to stay in it, then par 18 for victory. Clearly the format suits his young, aggressive urge to win, because he managed the feat.

“There were nerves until the final putt. I was aware of what he’s achieved in the game. You’ve just got try and draw on that to take pressure off yourself, stick to your guns and come out on top,” he said.

Harvey won the pre-qualifying on Monday, shooting an impressive 68. Once the match play got underway he went to 22 holes before beating Ross Wellington. Harvey shone yet again on Wednesday, ousting a three-time Sunshine Tour winner.

“So far so good. The whole way through it’s just been a good progression of golf. I’ve been playing nice and solidly through the week, and the course suits my eye. I think I’m generally aggressive regardless of whether it’s stroke play or match play. This format makes it slightly easier, because you know that the worse thing you’re going to do is lose a hole,” said Harvey.

He’ll face another long hitter, Dean Burmester, in the third round on Thursday. “Whenever you play you’ve got to bring it to the course. Doesn’t matter who’s in your way, you’ve got to play your best and hope you come out on top,” Harvey said.

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