Hail puts BMG Classic on hold

Hailstones, some larger than golf balls, pelted Glendower Golf Course at 2.30 pm on Saturday, shortly after play was delayed due to a lightning risk at the BMG Classic.

Tournament Director Dirk Cloete said: “Firstly we suspended play due to a lightning risk. We were lucky enough to have all the players off the course when the hailstorm came in. The intensity of it surprised all of us. Once the storm had subsided it became apparent that the course was damaged, along with many cars in the parking lot.”

More than a dozen cars had their windows smashed, but it was the greens which took the brunt of the damage. Once the storm subsided Cloete assessed the damage and decided to attempt to repair the course.

“A massive project is underway to clean up the course and to deal with damage to the greens. If we can repair the damage then play will resume as normal tomorrow. We can only make that call tomorrow morning, once we have feedback from the greenkeeper as to how successful he has been in restoring the greens to their original condition,” he said.

Glendower’s Head Greenkeeper Mike Burnard and his team set out to clear the course of plant debris. Many of the local caddies assisted.

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