Jaco stays afloat in Tshwane Open

2016 Tshwane Open: Day 1After an opening round of four-under-par 66 at the Tshwane Open, Jaco van Zyl says he feels rested after taking three weeks off from golf.

Van Zyl hasn’t played any tournament golf since missing the cut at the Joburg Open and he says he wants to start a new trend when it comes to the balance of his calendar. He said, “We’ll see if we can keep the trend going a little bit longer. You know I got off to a nice start at the SA Open after a nice break, so we’ll try and keep our head above the water.”

Speaking about the conditions, which were tougher than expected, Van Zyl highlighted how important it is to secure par around Pretoria Country Club. “You’ve got to play for par. There aren’t a whole bunch of scoring opportunities. You know they set it up pretty tough today.” he said.

When asked if he thought the course would be set up easier for the remainder of the tournament, Van Zyl said he wasn’t sure but that patience around a course like Pretoria Country Club was the key. He said, “I don’t know if it was maybe because I was lying on the couch for the last three weeks that it felt so tough. But patience played a big role out there today and it’s just a lot easier when you’ve had three weeks off.”


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