Justin makes confident Cape Town return

Justin Walters has secured his European Tour card for 2014 and turns to the Lion of Africa Cape Town Open this week in a bid for further glory on the Sunshine Tour.


“It’s nice to get home and change the pace. It still feels a little bit like I’m overseas, but it’s so nice to come back to your peers and receive a warm welcome like I have,” he said.


One month ago personal tragedy struck for Walters, but he’s gained a new perspective through the ordeal.


“I would give everything to have mum back alive and well, but when she passed she took away a lot of pressure. The bad shots don’t seem to trouble me as much and I enjoy the good shots more. I’m sorry it’s taking the passing of my mom to realise that, but I’ve grown as a golfer and as a man because of it. With my head space now I’m playing a lot better, and long may it last,” he said.


There is no place like home and the 33-year-old enjoyed his first two rounds alongside his old friends Jake Roos and Jbe Kruger.


“They are such relaxed guys,” said Walters. “I’ve played a lot of golf with them in the past and Jake is the defending champ this week, so I just followed them around a bit.”


Happy to be home with his new lease on golf, the two-time Sunshine Tour winner soaked in the atmosphere and added: “The Sunshine Tour is very competitive, but so much more relaxed than overseas.”


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