Morgan suits Hollick as a caddie

Michael Hollick got more experience when he asked Morgan Shumba to be his caddie in the Golden Pilsener Zimbabwe Open than he would normally expect.

In Shumba he has a caddie who played in the 1988 Dunhill Cup at St Andrews for Zimbabwe together with Tim Price and Anthony Edwards, as well as someone who contended in the Zimbabwe Open after it was initiated in 1984.

Now over 60, Shumba exemplifies the kind of man who demonstrates his respect for the sport, most notably in his dress: He carried Hollick’s bag wearing a suit, and that’s the way he always dresses for his work.

“Morgan caddies for a friend of mine, and when I came to the tournament last year, she said she had a top caddie for me,” said Hollick.

“I earn a living from caddying,” said Shumba. “I can’t play now. To play with the youngsters – I can’t keep up with them. So being a caddie is okay.”

Hollick says he relies heavily on the experience Shumba brings on his way around the Royal Harare Golf Club. “A couple of times today, we had those shots the youngsters would try and pull off – five-iron hook out of a bunker – and Morgan said, ‘Just calm it down and hit a wedge short and play on to the green,’ so that sort of calm knowledge is valuable,” he said.

The knowledge was built over many years, but perhaps it received its biggest when he played against Jose-Maria Olazabal at St Andrews in that 1988 Dunhill Cup.

Olazabal beat him 74-78 in medal match play, but, as Shumba tells it, “We were square after 15 holes. It was really good for me he was number two in the world at the time, and I had no ranking at all. So I had nothing to lose, and to lose over just the last three holes, I thought it was really great,” he said.

“I’m very lucky to have such a good player for a caddie,” said Hollick.

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