Muller thanked for 18 years of service

MullerNEWSunshine Tour Executive Director Selwyn Nathan handed over a gift on Saturday to Grant Muller who was stepping down from his roles on the Players’ Committee and as a member of the Sunshine Tour board after 18 years of service.

Muller, 45, turned professional in 1992 and had two wins on the Sunshine Tour separated by nearly 13 years – the Vodacom Series event in KwaZulu-Natal in October 1997 and the Lombard Insurance Classic in Swaziland in June 2010.

“We appreciate all Grant has contributed to the Tour through the years he has served,” said Nathan.

“After 18 years on the committee and the board, it’s time I stepped aside and got one of the younger guys involved,” said Muller. “Serving on committees is at the same time a thankless task and a gratifying one, and with my playing days drawing to a close, I’d like to see someone else making a contribution.

“If you don’t put the youngsters in these positions, they’re never going to gain the experience. It’s a lot of work, and you can never please everybody, but you like to think that you’re doing your best. And having been on the Tour for such a long time, it’s been so rewarding, and I’m only starting to realise it now that I’m not spending as much time playing.

“When you start joining the ranks of the working population in the real world, getting your hands dirty, and maybe sitting in an office, you then realise how lucky we are to play a sport for a living,” he added.

Muller served for a long time as vice-chairman of the Players’ Committee, preferring to leave the role of chairing the committee to someone else. “That was a deliberate decision, because being chairman is like another job,” he said. “As vice-chairman, you get a little more time to yourself and you get to see the bigger picture well.”

Having served as long as he has, Muller has seen the Tour though many peaks and valleys. “I’ve been through all the ups and downs,” he said. “I’ve been on that committee for such a long time that I’ve been through all the different commissioners. And we now have Selwyn Nathan in that spot and he’s getting a lot of things done.”

He was thrilled to be able to mark the end of his period of service during the Eye of Africa PGA Championship at his home course, and on the estate where he now lives. “I was pleased that it is an event which gives a full field of South African players a chance to play,” he said, “and it’s great that it’s showcasing Eye of Africa – and that Eye of Africa is being so proactive in showcasing itself too!”


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