Oosthuizen emerges from PGA Championship pack

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I don't know what the lead is going to be. I'm probably going to be at least three or four behind, but it's in a good spot. The way the golf course is now, you can attack quite a bit.  So you know you don't get that opportunity every time you play a major. It will be fun. I think it should be very interesting tomorrow to see the guys probably go at a lot of pins.


Q.  Are you happy with your play?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, I played nicely.  Rough start, really.  And just putted beautifully, same as yesterday.  I missed quite a few putts over the edges, but I made some good ones as well. Just happy, I'm swinging it better, making a few putts and I'm right up there.


Q.  (Inaudible)?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I think the way the golf course is definitely a bit more aggressive than I would usually.  Still, you know, try to give myself as many birdie opportunities, because I feel like the putter is really behaving.


Q.  You had the one bogey early and then really settled down and had several birdies down the stretch.  Did you do anything after the bogey?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  No.  I felt fine.  I just tried to hit the three‑wood a bit too hard on that drivable hole, hit it in the hazard on the left and then just did nothing different.  I just tried to hit as many greens as I could. Like I said, the greens are quite soft.  You had four, five, six‑irons into the greens, you are actually attacking it still towards the pin.  It definitely makes it a bit easier out there.

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