Poor visibility hampers Africa Open start

Play had to be stopped due to lack of visibility just 10 minutes into the first round of the Africa Open being played at the East London Golf Club.

The first group – Michael du Toit, Wade Ormsby and Manuel Quiros – started on time (06h30 off at the ninth) but play was suspended when that group couldn’t play their second shots, play was suspended. (First tee was teeing off at 06h45).

Sunshine Tour tournament director, Theo Manyama said: “Although it is still raining, we were hopeful that the mist would lift enough to make play feasible.

“Unfortunately we were forced to suspend play just after the first group teed off at the ninth because visibility was very poor. We will monitor the situation, but until it clears properly, play is indefinitely suspended. Players are allowed to practice because conditions are not dangerous.”

“It was actually okay when we were at the driving range and even when we hit our tee shots,” said Du Toit. “But once we walked down the fairway, the mist got more intense and we couldn’t see the green or the flag. We called the officials but they told us to carry on. You needed a search party to find our balls around the green – that’s when they agreed to call off play.”

The mist lifted enough for play to resume at 08h15.

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