Sefatsa goes the distance

Sunshine Big Easy Tour member Teboho Sefatsa and his 13-year-old Volkswagen Jetta have travelled to golf tournaments across Southern Africa for nearly a decade.

The Glendower professional drives the ‘Red Devil’ to every golf tournament he participates in, and yet it has never broken down.

Sefatsa bought the bright red Jetta from his brother in 2002 with 300 000 kilometres on the clock.

Sefatsa sacrificed opportunities in provincial rugby and cricket for his professional golf career, and bought the car to travel to Sunshine Tour events.

The only hiccup he has experienced was at 700 000 kilometres when his starter broke and he had to push the car to begin any trip, yet he travelled from his first Africa Open in the Eastern Cape to Port Edward for the next tournament.

Sefatsa has driven his car to tournaments in Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe – licence plate KPV***GP has done over a million kilometres!

As for modifications to the car, Sefatsa has only added leather VW seats, a new steering wheel and sound equipment. “If you’re gonna drive a mile, you might as well have some good music to listen to,” Sefatsa said.

The duo stand as testimony to the commitment professional golfers display in making a name for themselves: no second thought is given when sacrifice is to be made.

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