Three Sunshine Tour pros – just giving back

Peter Wilson was touched by the reaction he got from running a coaching clinic in Thembisa, and realized just how much could be given back by sparing an hour for young golfing hopefuls. He shared his story with Wallie Coetsee and Titch Moore, who immediately joined his campaign to give something back to children interested in the game.

“I saw these 40 kids at Thembisa, I told Wallie about how much it meant to them. Maybe it’s because we both have kids, but we decided we wanted to do it as much as possible. Now at every tournament we try to find kids and just spend a little time helping them,” Wilson said.

In Cape Town on Wednesday, ahead of the Lion of Africa Cape Town Open, 14 children from the Atlantis Golf Club School Development Programme (AGCSDP) got their chance to tee it up at the Royal Cape Golf Club driving range, under the guidance of Wilson, Coetsee and Moore. Speaking on the children’s behalf was Leon Barry, the AGCSDP representative.

“To see guys like Titch Moore was a real opportunity, and when I told the kids last night they couldn’t believe it. Today they felt honoured to be involved.

“This is great for development, because a sport like golf has huge potential for social upliftment in our community, especially for the youngsters,” he said.

There are no limits to who qualifies for these clinics. The trio just wants to give back, to show a bit of gratitude for what they’ve received through golf, and to bring a couple of smiles.

“Privileged, under-privileged, it doesn’t matter,” said Coetsee. “All it takes is one hour, and that’s nothing, and you get such a huge thing out of it. You can see how much it’s appreciated and it takes so little to organise.”

Moore enjoys impressing the young guys with his big hits, and was all smiles after showing his group how to swing it properly. Aside from the enjoyment, he spoke about the technical side of the teaching and how quickly the children learn from advice.

“We play every week and it’s nice to give back to the community,” he said. “You can see these guys are really eager and it’s nice to give them a couple of pointers. Some of the guys are starved of training and haven’t had the opportunity to have lessons. You can see a big improvement after just an hour with the boys, and it means a lot to them.”

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