Throwback Thursday: Charl’s Masters hole-by-hole

The Masters - Final RoundI hit 3-wood off the first which I did the whole week. I pushed my 6-iron to the right of the green. And then used a 6-iron to chip it in. That was the first.

The second, I hit a beautiful tee shot down there. I hit 5-iron in and again I just leaked it into the bunker. Thought I hit a good bunker shot and never came back down the hill. Missed the putt.

And then the third hole, I hit 4-iron off the tee, which left me with that sand wedge, which obviously I made.

The fourth hole, hit 5-iron on to the left side of the green but left myself with – I needed binoculars to see the holes. It was a long way away. I 3-putted. I think that was my only bogey of the day.

The fifth hole, 3-wood, take the bunkers out of play, which I did the whole week. I hit 7-iron, pitched into the slope, came back down and maybe another couple of yards, had a very good 2-putt.

No. 6, I hit 7-iron. Tried to hit it for the back slope and let the slope bring it back down. Didn’t quite get it all the way up but still was about 20 feet away. Made par.

3-wood down 7. Hit an 8-iron which I thought was absolutely perfect and somehow stayed on top of the slope. Never came down and made a really good 2-putt.

No. 8, I hit driver down there. I hit 5-wood and it went over the back of the green. And over the back is just an impossible chip. That green was really firm. It went maybe 12 feet by. Hit a good putt, but it never broke.

No. 9, I hit driver down there which left me with another perfect yardage for a wedge. Hit a good wedge to maybe 12 feet right of the hole. Left it in the throat. Actually hit a good putt.

3-wood on 10. 7-iron on to the sort of front half of the green. 2-putted.

11, I hit a beautiful tee shot. I hit 9-iron into 11. I hit a horrible first putt, miss-read it completely, and then made a really good return.

12, I hit 9-iron. 12 was playing really short today. 9-iron, went over the back of the green. Luckily it stopped short of the bunker so I could putt it. Managed to make a good 2-putt from there.

13, I didn’t feel comfortable. 13, I hit 3-wood all week but decided to hit a 5-wood just to make it a three-shotter so I don’t tempt myself. I hit 5-wood up the right side and laid up with an 8-iron that left me 70 yards with a lob-wedge, which I thought was a pretty good shot up the slope, spun it back down, maybe 13 feet below the hole. Hit a good putt, never broke.

14, 3-wood again off the tee. Hit 7-iron, which I thought was a good shot, got it below the hole on 14. Another really good putt which stopped in the throat.

Then 15, driver down the fairway, left me – I mean, I had 220, which I hit 6-iron, and still went over the back. But I mean, just went over the back. Chipped, nearly went in and made that 8-footer coming back which was really important for me.

8-iron up 16. Obviously that was about – I can’t remember, 15 feet below the hole. Just a really good putt.

17, driver. Blocked by the trees. Would have been wedge for me, and had to hit a little 9-iron with a touch of cut on it, which I thought just worked absolutely perfect. Rolled up to the hole there and made a good putt.

Then driver up 18,133 yards, pitching wedge to about 14 feet. Sounds pretty simple if you talk about it like that.


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