US Open: What Branden Grace said

Excerpts from Branden Grace interview (T4):

dQ. First of all, just reflect on the day. It had to have been a phenomenal experience out there with all the theater of the U.S. Open and playing for the title.

BRANDEN GRACE: I thought I played well, I thought I handled myself well. Gave myself the opportunity to actually have a chance to win it and just one bad swing cost me at the end. I was hitting my 3-wood great the whole day. Some good under pressure shots with the 3-wood when I had to do it. A straightforward shot, just spun out of it and that’s costly. I still had a chance. I hit a great putt on 17, which I thought would go in the cup. It was one roll short. Jordan played tremendous golf. From tee to green he was good. Had a lot of putts that looked like were going to go in and didn’t. He could have walked away with it a little bit and he didn’t. Congrats to him, great effort.

Q. To be out here having your best major championship, I have to think there is a ton of positives that you can take away?

BRANDEN GRACE: Definitely. Not just that, I think I have pretty much secured my card next year in the States, which is a bonus for me. That is the main thing I wanted to do. Otherwise than that, just knowing that I’ve been in this position now. I’ve handled myself well and played some great golf under the pressure. Knowing that I can take that into the next big ones coming, there’s another big one coming up, the Open Championship, which is pretty similar. Hopefully I can contend there and learn a little bit from this week.

Q. To be out there with Jordan, he is now the youngest winner of two majors since 1922, that’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment, what do you sense being out there?

BRANDEN GRACE: He’s a great talent obviously. You have to be something special to win the Masters and this one back to back. He’s a huge talent, exactly what golf needs behind Rory and Tiger. He kept it simple. Until the 17th hole, he never put a foot wrong. He had a three-putt on the first and then he handled himself well. Even when he missed the putts, he came close and he just lifted his head up and kept going. That’s what you have to do to try and contend in a major. That’s pretty much it.

Q. How much will you draw on this in future majors?

BRANDEN GRACE: Today was great. This whole week was a great experience. I hit the ball great. I played some great golf under the pressure. This is definitely the most pressure I’ve had to deal with in my professional career so far. It’s a pity it came down to this. If I didn’t win, I would have liked to have finished second or something around there. Like I said, didn’t really do a lot wrong. The swing kept up, just one bad swing that cost me.


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