Van Tonder chasing birdies for bucks

Children's Hospital Trust Ambassador Danie van Tonder has announced that he will put a charitable spin on his game this week to raise funds for the Trust during the Nedbank Golf Challenge.


Danie and the Children's Hospital Trust will be encouraging individuals and corporates to pledge and then donate an amount of their choice for every birdie Danie makes during the tournament. Simply tweet the amount to be pledged per birdie mentioning @CHTrust1,  @Birdies4Bucks and the hashtag #DvT, and the Children’s Hospital Trust will track all pledges made during the tournament.


An announcement will be made on Sunday, 7 December, to publicise the amount of birdies made and all supporters who have pledged will be obliged to donate their total amount as per pledges on the Children’s Hospital Trust website.      


Funds raised through dedicated supporters and Danie’s golfing talents will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust, which raises funds for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Child Healthcare. 100% of all funds donated go directly to the Trust’s priority fundraising initiatives to improve child health services at the Hospital and beyond its doors. The Red Cross Children’s Hospital is the largest stand-alone tertiary hospital in Southern Africa dedicated entirely to children and manages around 260 000 patient visits per year. The patients come from all over South Africa, Africa and in some cases from abroad.


To donate and pledge:
Tweet a pledge during the Nedbank Golf Challenge by using @CHTrust1, @Birdies4Bucks and #DvT in a tweet with the amount to be pledged included, for example. “I pledge R10 to @CHTrust1 for every birdie scored by #DvT during the @Birdies4Bucks campaign. #NGC2014” Note: As a guideline, the average number of birdies made per player during the 2013 Nedbank Golf Challenge was 15. Donations can be made by South African and international donors via the Children’s Hospital Trust’s online donate page (Total donation amount will be the pledge amount x birdies made during the tournament). All donations of R100 or more per annum qualify for a Section 18a Tax Certificate (tax return benefits). The Trust is also able to supply a letter confirming its beneficiary status for BBBEE purposes.


For more information please visit the Children’s Hospital Trust website




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