Vaughan enjoying the Pro-Am format at Di-Data

The relaxed feel on the Dimension Data Pro-Am helped Vaughan Groenewald swing it easy at The Links on Saturday, where he shot an impressive seven-under-par 66 during round three.

“I’ve got great amateurs. Dave King is a good guy and he struggled a bit over the first two rounds, but today we kept it together. It’s a much more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere this week,” he said.

With 17 years of professional golf under his belt, Groenewald knew when it was time to change putters, and the decision paid off.

“I changed my putter yesterday and had 27 puts, so it went much better. I started with double on the first yesterday and still shot 68, and today I had 29 putts – that’s making all the difference,” he said.

The big man from Ermelo also knew a thing or two about how to approach The Links course, especially in the breezy conditions on Saturday.

“I love The Links. I’ve always loved this course, and it’s tough in windy conditions, but when you hit the ball well here you can score. You just have to keep it out the rough!” he said.

Tomorrow he’ll play a final round on the Montagu course, and at nine-under-par he’s right in the mix. With his game on top form, Groenewald will be looking to contend on the stretch.

“I’m confident at the moment – hitting the ball well and knocking in the putts. I can’t wait to go out there and play tomorrow with my putting stroke feeling so great,” he said.

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