Vusi Ngubeni

The Vusi Ngubeni Qualifying School will be played over 72 holes of strokeplay. There will be a cut after 36 holes. The number of players making the cut will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director, and will be published prior to the commencement of the first round.

In the event of play being declared null and void for any round of the Q School, any additional play will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. On conclusion of 72 holes, the leading 40 players (+ ties) will be ranked according to score.

The leading 15 players will be eligible for membership to the 2013 Sunshine Tour in Category 13. These players will be subject to the 2013 re-rank policy outlined in the General Regulations.

The remaining 25 successful qualifiers will gain full membership to the 2013 Big Easy Tour

In the event of the winners tying on the same score, there will be a play-off to determine the winner. Details of the play-off will be advertised in the Tournament Office. All remaining tied scores will be ranked by a count out. In the event of the fifth position being a tie, a count out will be done to determine the last player to obtain a card on the Sunshine Tour. The count out on tied scores will be done as follows: (a) the best last 18 holes, (b) the best last 9 holes, (c) the best last 6 holes, (d) the best last 3 holes, (e) the best last holes 2 & (f) the best final hole

PRIZE MONEY Prize money of R25 000 will be paid out to the leading 5 players, and any player tying on the same score as the 5th placed player, on conclusion of the Q School as follows:
1st – R3500
2nd – R2750
3rd – R2000
4th – R1750
5th – R1600
6th – R1550
7th – R1500
8th – R1450
9th – R1400
10th – R1350
11th – R1300
12th – R1250
13th – R1225
14th – R1200
15th – R1175

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