Webb’s winning words

Amazed. I’ve got no words.

I have 135 texts as of five minutes ago.

You know, this is only my second US Open and so I told myself don’t get too excited, don’t try to win.

I probably prayed more the last three holes than I’ve ever done in my life.

I never felt nerves like I did today. A lot of times I had to hit my legs, because I couldn’t really feel them.

I was so nervous all day, but especially there at the end. Even when I was done I was nervous.

I thought even though Graeme had a 25-footer, it was probably going to hit the hole or have a good chance.

I’ve been a leaderboard watcher my whole life. But with what pressure a major brings I just didn’t think it would do any good to see where I was at.

If I was honest with you I believed in myself I could win a major, but maybe not so soon. And I just gained all the respect for the guys who have won multiple majors, because it’s so hard to do. The level of pressure is so much greater than a regular event.

One of my thoughts on the back nine was I don’t know how Tiger has won 14 of these things.

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