Wild Coast: The 13th on Friday

Retief Goosen, when asked to pick his dream 18 holes, included the 13th at Wild Coast, but the hole proved lucky for very few in extremely tough conditions during round two of the Nashua Masters on Friday.

As the wind whipped it became a Friday at the 13th horror story for many and only three players of the field of 130 carded birdie at the Wild Coast Sun Country Club’s signature hole.

The hole has been described as one of the most picturesque in South Africa. Tee shots are intended to clear a gorge with a waterfall and reach a wide green with a bunker guarding the back.

Zimbabwean Tranos Muradzikwa will want to forget his nightmare 10 – a seven-stroke drop on a single hole will unsettle any golfer and he went on to 88 for the day.

A stroke back was Louis Moolman, who took nine swipes before finding the cup.

Third in line was Cameron Esau, who clocked up eight strokes before heading for the 14th tee.

Robert Wiederkehr, Merrick Bremner and Garth Mulroy were the only three players to make birdie at the 13th during the second round.

On Thursday nine-irons were adequate off the tee, but by Friday the wind had changed to such a degree that three-irons were necessary for the majority of the players to make the 169 metres to the green.

And there may be a sequel to this horror show, with more wind forecast for the weekend…

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