Andrew learns from Burmester family experience

8th March 2018 | Sunshine Tour

Andrew learns from Burmester family experience

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Andrew Burmester says while he is fortunate to have his brother Dean’s brains to pick, he is a completely different player and wants to create his own legacy on the Sunshine Tour should he get through the gruelling qualifying school currently on its first stage at State Mines Country Club and Killarney Country Club.

“Look, it’s been nice growing up with Dean and going through the process that he went through,” says Andy, as he is known, “but, I am a different player. I like to think of myself as a long hitter, a bit of an aggressive player. But, it’s nice to have his brains to pick because of the player that he is.”

He has produced two level-par rounds at State Mines this week and says while he is not too worried about the share of 18th he currently holds in the first stage, he is looking to improve a few aspects of his game this week to be able to get to the final stage at Randpark Golf Club in two weeks’ time.

“At the moment, like I said, I feel I am a bit too aggressive and I need to tone that down just a touch,” he says. “I just need to improve on that and to hit more fairways and greens and go from there. But, for now, it feels pretty solid.”

He has enough stock to battle it out this week because apart from the experience gained in the few events he’s played on the Sunshine Tour through invites, he has been on his brother’s bag on a few occasions and knows what’s expected of him this week.

“The Dimension Data Pro-Am, for an example, was a great experience for me,” he admits. “It kind of showed me exactly what the guys can do and my whole mindset changed before the start of q-school. I know what I need to do to get things done here, and it feels pretty solid at the moment. I just need to get a few putts to drop in and I should be fine.”

He also notes the importance of the remaining rounds for him to go through to final stage in a fortnight.

“The next two days are really big,” he says, “I will try and post a low one and try to get as high up there as possible and maybe build a bit of cushion going to the last day. Obviously, nerves will be there but learning from Burmy, it’s good to be nervous.”

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