Bibby giving Q-school one more shot

8th March 2018 | Sunshine Tour

Bibby giving Q-school one more shot

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Being occupied with work and not getting time to prepare for the Qualifying School First Stage did not prevent Bryce Bibby from taking another try at the sport he loves the most this week at Killarney Country Club.

“I saw an opportunity to give it another try,” the 26-year-old Bibby said. “I was not even practising last week, because I have been at work. So, I am just trying to find some rhythm, because it is not easy and I am just working on the short game a little bit.”

Having played only on the Big Easy Tour last year and not making any appearances on the Sunshine Tour tournaments, Bibby said that did not mean he was quitting the game. “I have been working during the last year with my old man and I just decided that I must give this another chance, but if I do get through, I will not be playing the full season. I will just play selected events. It is just an option that I will have to do,” he said.

The Royal Durban Golf Club player said he is taking each day as it comes at Q-School to see if this attempt can produce the intended results. “Right now, I do not really have too many expectations,” he said. “I am just trying to enjoy it as much as I can, because I have not really had a chance to prepare too hard for it. So, I am trying to get the good out of it, just to stay positive, be happy and enjoy it.”

Some good performances Bibby displayed in tournaments on the Sunshine Tour a few years ago were some of the things that inspired him to keep going. “Yeah, I have been trying to work out to see if I cannot get that game back again. I think it is mental and I like to do what is mental. It is a tough game, you just have to keep on rolling with the punches,” he added.

Bibby teed off on Thursday having shot 71 and 76 for his first and second rounds.

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