Dale Hayes on Kaufman's 'The Round' podcast

17th April 2018 | Sunshine Tour

Dale Hayes on Kaufman’s ‘The Round’ podcast

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Dale Hayes was the was the original golf teen prodigy. A winner in his first ever Sunshine Tour and European events, the youngest champion in Europe.

Ten year later though, Hayes had effectively turned his back on the professional game. Dale takes us through that journey alongside golf commentator Richard Kaufman in the “The Round with Richard Kaufman” podcast.

It’s a journey that saw Dale Hayes crowned as a European Tour number one, his struggles on and off the course on the PGA Tour. He recalls his time playing with the likes of Nicklaus and Seve, when his dad beat Bobby Locke and how South African politics played its part in him quitting professional sport. And then there’s “The Round” itself as Dale takes us back to 1976 as he went head to head with one of South Africa’s greatest ever players, Gary Player.



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