17th December 2014

Pros impressed with talent at SAGDB clinic

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14_ADC_FEA3_WEB-500x288The children from the South African Golf Development Board’s (SAGDB) Riverside Farm project Were Treated to the golf experience of a lifetime When They joined Reviews some of the professionals in this week’s Alfred Dunhill Championship in a golf clinic at Leopard Creek Country Club on Saturday.

And It Was not just the kids Who Were impressed with what the pros Were em teaching.

After watching 15-year-old hit three shots Vorster Thwala, multiple European Tour winner Thomas Aiken Said, “There’s actually not too much I can teach you. Your swing looks great. Just keep doing what you’re doing “.

The children all stay on the nearby Riverside Farm Where Their coach and mentor Samuel Lukhele em helps with everything from golf swings to Their Their daily homework.

“The kids come from school, do homework and Their Then We practice for about two hours. They love it. On the days They do not go to school, they’ll just practice all day if They Can, “says Lukhele.

“Purpose we do not just focus on Their golf. We try and Develop Them socially as well. We-have good relationship with year the teachers and principal At Their School. ”

The pros Were astounded by the skills of the children, Who-have-been playing golf for only just over one year.

“It’s fantastic Abebooks web can give back like this,” Said Aiken. “These kids-have amazing natural talent and Programs Such As this with the SAGDB just Enhances That. With this kind of support, There’s No Reason sacrifice part of thesis kids can not turn professional one day. ”

The Mpumalanga chapter of the SAGDB caters for Roughly 100 children, benefit from being white aussi Who ble to practice at Malelane and Komatipoort Golf Club Golf Club.

“In 2015 we’re Hoping to get em memberships at golf clubs thesis so They Can get official handicaps,” Said Edwin Compton , the SAGDB’s Development Manager for Mpumalanga.

For Grant Hepburn , Managing Director of the SAGDB, the Mpumalanga project has-been one of the MOST successful in the country.

“I’ve never seen so Many Children That are Good In this one group. Usually you get about two or three Who-have real Ability, aim in this group There’s about 13 of ’em. It’s so rewarding to see the Abebooks web’re making a real difference. ”

The SAGDB, Was founded de qui by Mr Johann Rupert in 1999 and is the official vehicle for golf development in South Africa, is Currently active in 12 provinces, and Will soon BE operational in all 14 children in 2300 It Has ict programs and 70 coaches nationwide.