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The Sunshine Tour is a men’s professional golf tour based in Southern Africa. For much of its early history it was known either as the South African Tour or Sunshine Circuit; through sponsorship deals, it has also been known as the Vodacom Tour and the FNB Tour. For the 2000–01 season the tour rebranded itself as the Sunshine Tour in an attempt to broaden its appeal. A large majority of the tour events are still staged in South Africa.

The tour is one of the six leading men’s tours which before 2009 made up the membership of the International Federation of PGA Tours, but it offers much less prize money than some of the leading tours, and leading Southern African golfers traditionally prefer to play on the PGA Tour or the European Tour if they can qualify to do so, typically returning to play in Sunshine Tour events a couple of times a year.

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Scheduled DateSeriesSeasonEpisodeScheduled TimeScheduled End TimeChannelStatus
03-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8418:00:0018:30:00SS1 / SS1APremier
03-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8423:00:0023:30:00CSNRepeat
04-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8407:30:0008:00:00SS10Repeat
04-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8412:00:0012:30:00CSN / SS1 / SS1ARepeat
04-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8415:15:0015:45:00SS8Repeat
04-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8422:30:0023:00:00SS1 / SS1ARepeat
05-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8403:30:0004:00:00SS10Repeat
05-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis18:00:0018:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NPremier
06-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis02:00:0002:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
06-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis02:30:0003:00:00CSNRepeat
07-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis03:00:0003:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
07-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8411:30:0012:00:00SS8Repeat
08-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis12:00:0012:30:00SS8Repeat
08-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis15:30:0016:00:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
09-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis02:30:0003:00:00SS8Repeat
09-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis06:00:0006:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
09-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8418:30:0019:00:00SSP1Repeat
10-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis05:30:0006:00:00SS10Repeat
10-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis06:30:0007:00:00SS8 / SS8ARepeat
10-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8520:30:0021:00:00SS1 / SS1APremier
11-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8500:30:0001:00:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
11-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8508:00:0008:30:00SS10Repeat
11-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8509:30:0010:00:00CSN / SS1 / SS1ARepeat
11-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8510:30:0011:00:00SS8Repeat
12-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8508:30:0009:00:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
12-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis12:30:0013:00:00SS8ARepeat
12-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018St Francis13:25:0013:55:00SS8Repeat
12-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8514:00:0014:30:00SS10Repeat
12-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship19:10:0020:10:00SS8Premier
13-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship00:45:0001:45:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
13-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8501:45:0002:15:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
13-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship09:00:0010:00:00SS8ARepeat
13-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8518:30:0019:00:00CSNRepeat
13-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship19:30:0020:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
13-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8521:30:0022:00:00SS8Repeat
14-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship03:00:0004:00:00SS8Repeat
14-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship09:00:0010:00:00CSN / SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
14-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8510:00:0010:30:00CSN / SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
15-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship04:00:0005:00:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
15-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship08:30:0009:30:00SS8Repeat
15-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8509:30:0010:00:00SS8Repeat
15-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8512:00:0012:30:00SS8ARepeat
15-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship16:30:0017:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
15-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8517:30:0018:00:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
16-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8506:00:0006:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
16-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8518:00:0018:30:00SS6 / SS6ARepeat
16-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8518:25:0018:55:00SSP1Repeat
16-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Highlights2017/18SA Senior Open Championship18:30:0019:30:00SS6 / SS6ARepeat
17-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8620:00:0020:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NPremier
18-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8601:00:0001:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NRepeat
18-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8608:00:0008:30:00SS10Repeat
18-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8611:00:0011:30:00SS1 / SS1ARepeat
18-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8611:30:0012:00:00SS8Repeat
24-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8717:00:0017:30:00SS6 / SS6APremier
25-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8701:00:0001:30:00SS5 / SS8ARepeat
25-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8710:30:0011:00:00SS8Repeat
26-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018Parys20:30:0021:00:00SS11Premier
27-Oct-2018Vodacom Origins of Golf2018Parys10:00:0010:30:00SS5 / SS5ARepeat
31-Oct-2018Sunshine Tour Weekly2018Episode 8820:00:0020:30:00SS5 / SS5A / SS5NPremier

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